About Henry

Henry | Boutique Fitness and Boxing Instructor | New Motion Fitness

Henry founded New Motion as he wanted to combine the best elements of boutique fitness with a setting that is social, exciting & welcoming. Henry started his career teaching physical education, as he has a love of almost all sports. During this time, he realised he could teach fitness on the side & soon got the bug. He loves how you can have more banter & even socialise with clients, which you obviously can’t in primary school P.E.!

Energetic, fun and laid back you will likely see him rocking out with headphones on, probably on the way to a class. But don’t be fooled by his playful nature. His sessions will push you to your limit, whatever your fitness level. Henry is a Level 3 PT & has a boxing qualification & a BSc in Sports Science… man knows his stuff!

Get a drink down him, even just a coffee, & he will likely tear up the D Floor!!!