Fran Katz

Fran Katz


Rave Fit

‘POW’ is the only way to describe Fran Katz’ infectious energy, passion and strength.
Half latina and 1 of 4 quadruplets this girl is all about sharing the spark with a bit of a spice! Coming from a crazy family of athletes and being brought up as a swimmer, she was inspired to become a trainer that could celebrate the love for movement and power of the body. Motivated by her professional training as a Dancer, she decided to create 4KARDIO DANCE a class that would allow anyone to feel like a dancer while giving the brain and the body the best workout possible.

Believer of endless limits, Fran believes that everyone has a little dancing soul somewhere in our bodies. She is ready to share her passion and find the dancer in you!
Get ready to bring your workout into a whole new level of angles, shapes and rhythms. Let the music take you into a journey and feel the POW!